Alcohol testers, Drug testing devices

Technical and business activity in analytical chemistry

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Alcohol testers

Informative (indicative) and evidential products (their results are also valid for legal purposes). All products include service and calibration with a 5-year guarantee on the sensor.

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Drug testing devices

Drug testing device (test on drugs) makes now possible to determine the presence (not concentration) of one or more drugs in a biological material (saliva, urine, and sweat).

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Drogové testery

About us

Company was established in 1990 under the name Ing. Peter Alaxin-Alab and in 2010 was transformed into a legal entity with a new name Alab, spol. s.r.o. In 2002 it was the first company that obtained the certificate of measuring instrument SMÚ Bratislava for the breath gas analyzer Alco-Sensor IV and it started the import into the Slovak Republic. After obtaining a decision from the Office for Standardization Metrology and Testing for performing activities: repairing of measuring instruments - breath analyzers, we extend our service activities, including calibration of alcohol testers.

In practice, it basically means that by purchasing the product, our customers get lifetime support, including consumables - mouthpieces for alcohol testers.

We also offer different types of drug testing devices with regard to customer requirements to monitor people who use narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances (drugs).

Monitoring oil pollution in waters, air and soil in a new way using probe with nanolayer that changes optical characteristics of the probe in contact with oil is a new direction thanks to long-term experience of Ing. P. Alaxin during his tenure in SLOVNAFT, a.s.

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