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Alcohol testers

Informative (indicative) and evidential products (their results are also valid for legal purposes). All products include service and calibration with a 5-year guarantee on the sensor.

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Alcohol testers

Alcohol tester estimates ethyl alcohol content from a breath sample, its concentration is proportional to blood alcohol content. Alcohol testers use various sensors (electrochemical, semiconductor, infrared) to detect alcohol from which the acquired data are further processed by microprocessor that is directly located on the device. Many factors should be considered when selecting an alcohol tester. We offer informative (indicative) and evidential products (their results are also valid for legal purposes). All products include service and re-calibration with a 5-year guarantee on the sensor.

New!!!   AlcoQuant 6020 and  CA 6020 calibration and control

The amount of per mil after drinking alcohol
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Evidential alcohol testers

Alco Sensor IV CM with SMU certificate, dedicated device Evidential (certified) alcohol tester determining a subject’s breath alcohol concentration.

Certificate SMU Bratislava No 001/452/03, WSL 452/02 – 001 type-approval mark, decision for use in the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic Used not only in the Police Force of the Slovak Republic, but also by various organizations that implement breath tests on employees. The result of breath test is usable for legal purposes and there is no need for an additional blood test. The tester is supplied with certificate with initial verification that is valid for 6 months. It switches on and off by inserting or popping out the mouthpiece (contactless). The individual steps displayed on the display guide operator and facilitate him to properly perform the test. Device after the test prints the required number of records on a connected printer (it is possible to print if printer is connected later), it switches off after popping out the mouthpiece and then it is ready for another test. Unique advantage is a possibility to print individual results from the memory in a full format with all data like in breath tests (not only the date, time and result)

Indicative (informative) alcohol testers

CA 8010 - recommended use: party

CA 2020 - recommended use: reliable, self-check before driving

FST - recommended use: conformity results with a police tester


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