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CMS-4000 Continuous Monitoring System

CMS-4000 in conjunction with the DPH-485 probe is simple and reliable device for monitoring total petroleum hydrocarbons in water and air. The surface of the probe specifically changes optical characteristics in contact with hydrocarbons C6+, good response to a wide range of hydrocarbons, including BTEX components. A microprocessor is a part of the probe with an output to 485 bus that gives an ability to connect various external devices. Easy installation, no chemicals, no moving parts. Suitable for a variety of applications for the monitoring of oil pollution.


Remediation Monitoring             Monitoring of control points               Monitoring effluents into soil

Storm/Waste Water Monitoring     Monitoring of air releases      

Heat exchanger leak detection
Separation vessel effluent
Process water
Waste water
Groundwater remediation monitoring
Slicks from oil and oil products into the air

Main advantages:

Reliable tool that measures petroleum hydrocarbons in water and air
Real time remote monitoring
Connect up to 4 DHP hydrocarbon probes
Analog (4 - 20 mA) output
Measurements at different places within a radius of cable


Detection of hydrocarbons in water is built on the basis of Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor (FOCS®).

FOCS technology uses optical properties of the nanolayer that is applied onto the surface of the optical fiber connected with hydrocarbons which are present in the sample. More radiation escapes through the surface containing nanolayer because of the increasing concentration of hydrocarbons and it is reduced by the impact on the probe detector that is proportional to concentration of hydrocarbons in water. The signal from the probe detector (RS485) is connected to evaluation unit CMS 4000 with an output signal (4 - 20 mA) which can be connected to recording equipment or actuators. Connect up to 4 DHP 485 hydrocarbon probes to CMS 4000.


Performance specifications

Operating Range 0-2,000 ppm
Lower Limit of Detection 1.0 ppm as xylene
Hydrocarbons Detected C6 and higher MW petroleum hydrocarbons
Accuracy/Precision ±10% of reading
Response Time <15 seconds
Operating Temperature Range 0° - 50° C
Trend Correlation with GC data 95% vs. EPA Method 8020
Enclosure NEMA 4X
Analog Output 0-5 Volts, 4-20 mA
Physical Dimensions 305 X 280 X 165 mm
Weight 3,8 kg
Environmental Temperature 0°C to +50°C


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