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Portable Hydrocarbon Analyzer PHA-100

PHA-100: Portable Hydrocarbon Analyzer, Determination of total oil pollution (hydrocarbons) in water, air and soil Provides information in real time. Easy to use, simple calibration. No extraction and chemicals. The probe AHP 100 is part of it, surface of the probe specifically changes optical characteristics in contact with hydrocarbons C6+, good response to a wide range of hydrocarbons, including BTEX components, analog output. The probe is connected with a cable (30m), built-in control unit (touch keyboard) and with displayed output. Logs Data from 100 Samples Serial Output to PC Suitable also for explosive environments.


Performance                                           Vapor


Operating range

0-20,000  ppm  as  TPH

0-2,000  ppm  as TPH

Lower Limit of Detection

<10  ppm  

0.1  ppm  

Hydrocarbons Detected



C6  and higher





C6  and higher




±15 % of reading

±10 % of reading

Response Time (initial)

<5 seconds

<5 seconds

Response Time (to 95%)

<1 minute

<5 minutes

Operating Temperature Range

0° -  50°C

0° -  50°C

Trend Correlation with GC data


98%vs. EPA Method8020

    Weight                                        4,5 kg

    Probe Dimensions                                19x200 mm

    Cable Length                                              30 m  




Remediation Monitoring

Well Plume Monitoring

Leak Detection AST/UST

Storm/Waste Water Monitoring

Control measurements

Hydrocarbon Breakthrough



Supply of calibration solution


Interface cable

Calibration containers

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