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Drug testing devices

Drug testing device (test on drugs) makes now possible to determine the presence (not concentration) of one or more drugs in a biological material (saliva, urine, and sweat).

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Drogové testery

Simple saliva drug testing devices

Oratect III

The simplest multiparameter test on saliva.

The test is completed within 5 minutes from collection of the sample.

Registered medical device at ŠUKL, code 84210.

THC-cannabis, hashish, cannabis , COC-cocaine ,OPI-opiates , AMP-amphetamine

MET-methamphetamine, PCP-phencyclidine (angel dust), 

BZO-benzodiazepines, MDMA-methylenedioxymetamphetamine, extasy

Cat. number

Drug and sensitivity in ng/ml

HM 12


HM 11







1. The least problematic sampling, right on the spot

2. Drug concentration in saliva correlates with drug concentration in blood. It is suitable for the cases when there is a need for an assessment of a person affected by narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances at the time of sampling

3. Sampling and evaluation in one step, no need for handling with the test

4. Indication of sufficient quantities of collected sample

5. The sampling is conducted under the direct supervision of persons - the person cannot manipulate with the sample as in the case of urine sampling.

Fast evaluation, in a case of suspected evidence it can be sent a felt element with the saliva in a bowl with preserving buffer solution for laboratory analysis, more

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