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Drug testing devices

Drug testing device (test on drugs) makes now possible to determine the presence (not concentration) of one or more drugs in a biological material (saliva, urine, and sweat).

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Drogové testery

ToxCup with a collection cup

5 - 7 drugs at the same time (suitable for test of an employee) Clinically tested, registered medical device in ŠUKL, code 84209. Available versions of test with an indication of counterfeiting the sample.

Specimen collection cup with a possibility to control minimum quantity and temperature of the sample. Evaluation drug screen with individual strips is part of a cup The sample does not come into contact with individual strips right after the cup is filled, but only after the cup is closed with the lid and is flipped on its side. Evaluation of the test on the individual drugs will takes approximately 3-5 minutes.

THC-cannabis, hashish, cannabis          COC-cocaine   OPI-opiates           AMP-amphetamine

MET-methamphetamine             PCP-phencyclidine (angel dust)   BZO-benzodiazepines

BAR-Barbiturates        MTD-metadon             TCA-tricyclicantidepresants       OXY-oxycodone

MDMA – methylenedioxymetamphetamine, extasy

Cat. number

Drug and sensitivity in ng/ml


ToxCup 5-Panel, 25 pcs




ToxCup 5-Panel, 25 pcs




ToxCup 5-Panel, 25 pcs




ToxCup 7-Panel, 25 pcs













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